Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's Do It

There is no time like now to start over on a clean slate.

I had initially started this blog as a means to documenting my fight against type 2 diabetes with the goal of reaching a stage where I don’t take any more medications for my diabetes. Instead, mainly through a vegan diet and exercise, maintain my sugar at normal levels. I will give the reason for a vegan diet in a separate post.

As you may have read from the previous post, there was a big hurdle that I had to cross health wise last year. Well, now since I am well again from that ailment, it is back to the original quest, shall we say :-)?

I sincerely hope that what I share here may serve as an inspiration/motivation to others who are facing similar challenges in their fight against diabetes.

I am going to keep note of my sugar levels in the morning and evening levels on a daily basis in the initial stages, so that I am able to identify patterns in the sugar levels and what is beneficial or isn’t in keeping the sugar levels on their course.

Historically, I haven’t been doing a good job of maintaining my diet and exercise plan and there are huge spans of times when I have a lot of trouble gaining control over my mind, giving in to temptation, laziness to exercise, and craving for all kinds of food that are unhealthy (meat, fat, sweets, diary) and are detrimental to keeping control on the sugar levels. I think many of you will agree with me on this.

But, just as I have been doing for so many years, the best thing to do when you have fallen down is to get up and resume the fight. Eventually you will get it right.

Hope, perseverance and dedication in generous doses is what moves us forward over all kinds of hurdles we face in our lives and it wont ever fail in helping us in whatever we are attempting to do. This constant fight we have with our mind is lifelong in everything we do. I think we will do well enough if on average we are ahead in this fight with our mind.

With that, I shall end today’s post. I will try and be up to date on the posts, will post links to other articles that will be useful. I shall also post recipes that will be perfect for people suffering from diabetes from my food blogs.

Come, let’s fight this battle together and get by with a little help from each other.