Monday, October 4, 2010

Alternate Options for Avandia

I read this useful article that came out in the 3rd week of September 2010, after the decision by the FDA to restrict the availability of Avandia in the US and the European Medicines Agency taking the drug off the European markets.

The article lists out several other options to Avandia, along with the pros and cons of each of the alternatives. I like the fact that the information has been laid out in a manner easy to understand.

Usually we just take what medications the doctor prescribes us. Most of us don't inquire more about the drug we are prescribed or try and find out more information about the drug.

I was prescribed Actos way back in 2004. The doctor back then said I should take that along with my Glimeperide and I did.

When I read the following about Actos in the article, "This medication works by decreasing the amount of insulin needed to move glucose from the blood into the cells by increasing the body's sensitivity to the substance", I am a bit confused. Why so? Actos decreases the amount of insulin needed to move glucose to the cells, and Glimeperide increases the production of insulin in the pancreas. These look like opposite functions for each drug. I need to go check this out with my current doctor if taking both medicines serves the purpose it is supposed to.

Here is a link to the article, and I think it would definitely help us learn more about the drugs we may be taking


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