Thursday, November 4, 2010

Status Update: Oh Boy!

No progress and I take the blame for most of it.

I thought I would wait a couple of weeks to see the trend in my sugar levels before summarizing it on here.

The going hasn’t been really good so far, as my fasting sugar levels have been in the range of 170 to 220 with an average of 190. Weight is at 323lb right now.

The reason is due to no physical activity, and not being mindful of what I am consuming. Although I managed to stay away from meat for the most part (something that I am planning to quit), the food I consumed over the last few weeks had a lot of dairy products (spelt FAT!). I go through most of the week in a fine manner, but it breaks down towards the weekend.

I better get my act going or I am going to be in big trouble, what with the holiday season approaching. So it is time to eat healthy!


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