Friday, April 8, 2011

Progress – Mar 28 – Apr 6, 2011

I came back from India and started my diet from Monday, Mar 28. I knew I needed to get this going.

I started off with a semi vegan diet. I cut off all sugar; I use very little oil in my cooking, and the only non-vegan item I am consuming at present is 2% milk for my coffee. I don’t eat once I am full, and eat at regular intervals. I would like to make clear that at no point have I starved myself and have eaten well all the time. It has been a conscious effort to be aware of what I am eating.

I tweaked a few things once I determined which items spiked up my sugar levels. This is given the current situation I am in where my body is very sensitive to certain kinds of food, some of which is fine at times when the sugar is under control.

I avoided the following -

* Baked soy chips and potato chips

* Rye bread which normally causes no issues (only rye and

pumpernickel bread work well)

* Rice, even though normally I only eat basmati rice (which is

not a very starchy rice)

* Potatoes, carrots, beets

* Grapes, water melon, pineapple

It really helps when you avoid the above initially, when you are getting bad sugar readings.

Instead, I ate – chick peas, kidney beans, moong and all kinds of pulses; fruits such as clementine, apple, pear, plum; old fashioned oatmeal; lots of vegetables; cooked cracked wheat instead of rice; chapatis made of whole wheat flour; and pasta cooked al dente. I added one Glucerna per day to the list, during the time between 4 pm and dinner, which I usually eat at 7.30 – 8 pm. Glucerna keeps, you sugar levels in check and is fantastic.

I have included my sugar readings below, one taken in the AM (fasting) and the other taken prior to dinner (which is 2 hours after a snack at work) around 7 pm. It will show you the resulting impact this change in the food I am eating has had on my sugar readings.

Fasting Sugar Trend - Mar 8 to Apr 6, 2011

Prior to Dinner Sugar Trend - Mar 8 to Apr 6, 2011

So now you can see the effect of just changing what you eat and being aware of what you eat. I know it works, some time it takes a little longer but this time has started working on me pretty early.

Average Sugar Readings

Time Period

Weight (lbs)

Fasting Sugar

Prior to Dinner Sugar

03/08/11 – 03/27/11




03/28/11 – 04/06/11




I will be writing separately about the diet that I am following, which is unlike several diets I have followed in the past, which in terms of results has helped me the most over time.

Until then


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