Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time to Take Action

Why is it so difficult at times for the human mind to take control? Why is it that at times one needs a jolt and only then one springs into action? Well, anyway, that’s been the case with me for a good part of my life, when it comes to my health.

I did one good thing for my health when I was in India this time. I got a comprehensive health check up done at a hospital close by. The results weren’t pretty. In focus were my diabetes and cholesterol results. A good hearing from the doctor followed, who was almost suggesting that I may want to start administering insulin if things don’t improve with some changed prescriptions. I refuse to believe that.

My weight was 324 lbs. My diabetes readings were as follows: Fasting sugar 206, and after breakfast sugar at 252 (2 hours after breakfast); HPLC or 3 month average was 10.

My cholesterol readings were as follows: Total 235, HDL 47, LDL 157, Triglycerides 179… get the gist.

During this time period and around 2 weeks prior to my India trip I was getting sugar readings regularly in the 350 range and was greater than 250 most of the times. Fasting was always over 220. I started keeping tab of my sugar readings since the first week of March.

I know why I started this site, and what my goals are. I want to be diabetes free and medicine free mainly through diet and exercise. These results indicate that I have basically been BS’ing myself. And that would render this site a joke, a mockery of myself. Which I am not about to let happen and not why I am here. What I haven’t done is execute and take the proper steps to ensure that I follow the right path to reach my goal.

From the time I have come back from India at the end of March, I have started following a diet which is a semi vegan diet in that the only diary product I have is milk with my coffee, very little consumption of oil, and no sugar whatsoever. I am off to a good start.

Although I am happy that I have started going in the right direction, it need not have come to this level. I was 276 lbs after recovering from my surgery, and even though these pounds were lost due to the emergency surgery for my diverticulitis, I should have pounced on the opportunity and taken it down from there. Instead, it came back to 324 lbs,

I am going to do my level best to keep updating my progress here with details as to how I am achieving it, what helped me and what didn’t so that it benefits me like a progress report, and anyone else out there who may be struggling to cope as I have been. Until next time.